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Bleed into me as I cry tears for yesterday

I want to feel each wave of pain coming from your eyes

6 November
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Little does life know that it has handed me Lemon seeds...no !@#$%^&* lemons. I'm the type of girl who sits and stares just to blink out the air and dust in my eyes. I watch to see who people really are...and once I get to know you...it means I care (to go through all the trouble) I'm a ride on a old busted wooden rollercoaster... figure that one out on your own. I make people smile, cry, and dance but few can do me the same favors... but I love those who try and those who have won me over. Don't tell me about yesterday when all it does is upsets tomorrow...unless it's worth hearing. I love my friends and hope they never change and I love the person I have become and hope I can please myself for all eternity. With that said... Have a wonderful day/night/evening whatever.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com "They call me Hectic"