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07 November 2015 @ 01:52 pm
the beast within  
I may be far from completion on my journey of self improvement, but I left you at the metaphorical starting line to choke on my dust of glitter, that tastes slightly of pumpkin. while you were so distracted making me hate and doubt myself, I lapped you like 20 billion times. you think you're a perfect package in your obese condescending hypocritical meat suit, well I have news for you it not only makes you ugly, it makes me better. I'm not one to gloat but since you positioned yourself so self righteously on your throne of lies, I'm here to level the playing field and even the score. So many words appropriate in describing whatever thing you are in reality masquerading about in a human meat suit because you are far from human, or even subhuman for that matter, invasion of the body snatchers, just remember, word of advice, that high horse you are wrongly positioned on will come crashing down and the type of person you are, you shall have the hardest kind of fall, a fall from the grace of your persona, but don't cry, follow your own advice "don't be depressed, slit your wrists and get it over with"
Current Location: mi casa
How I'm feeling, Bizatch: taking the trash out
Tunes: jack off jill