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24 July 2014 @ 09:36 am
kaylas words of wisdom  
Dont shit where you eat or eat where you shit
If the glass is half full drain it until its empty
If life hands you lemons squirt the juice into her judgemental eyes
If you keep going going gone take my restless ass with you
If at first you dont succeed pay someone to do it for you
If youre ever stuck between a rock and a hard place become anorexic so you can slip thro the cracks
if you cant take the heat dont get the hell out the kitchen get naked just dont fry bacon
if you ever decide to get drunk and drive your car 80mph into a parked boat dont ever go to nuero restorative
If duct tape fixes everything it can definately make her shut up
and lastly if it aint broke dont fix it rip someone off to double your investment